Kelly, Training Manager

Working for Rigby & Peller since September 2012

From September - December 2012 I managed the Kings Road store as the Store Manager. I was then asked to move to the Mayfair store in Conduit Street, where I worked as the Store Manager. Since August 2015 - I have taken on a new role of training manager.
As the manager and leader of the store my job was to ensure everyone in my team understood the importance of their role and how they could contribute to the overall success of the store. I believed in the brand and could see the potential (and still do) the store had, I was passionate about driving the brand forward. I embraced change and delivered the company's strategy to my team in a positive, transparent and clear manner, so everyone was on board and moving in the same direction.
By ensuring all 'in store' operations worked effectively, delivering clear direction daily, transparent, open and honest communication on a regular basis, and most importantly ensuring
everyone enjoyed coming to work. All of which I believe contributed to the successes we saw in 2014 and the first half of 2015.

I love working for Rigby & Peller as I believe that we are the market leaders, who are genuinely interested in transforming women's lives through Lingerie Styling. We have a huge part to play in the emotional and physical well being of women. To be an advocate, brand ambassador and a positive, fun voice of the brand, means so much to me. Buying lingerie should be the most fun and exciting experience for every women and currently it still isn't. My mission is to change that perception.

When I joined the company I was surprised by how out of date we were, and how old fashion it was. However, in the 3 years I have worked for the company, I have seen some very positive changes, taking on staff in all areas of the business that are really working together and making change happen.
I think the potential the brand has, is very exciting and this makes staff want to be part of that journey. However job satisfaction given to the Lingerie Stylists and shop floor staff, mainly by our customers, is what really keeps the staff happy in their roles. We change women's lives simply through Lingerie Styling. We help women understand their bodies, and how to buy lingerie so they can, with our advice, build effective, beautiful, lingerie wardrobes that work with their lifestyles.

“I believe that a manager is only as good as her team and her team is only as good as their manger.”